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Coby has great customer service skills. He answers all questions regarding parts that he sells and builds.
-Dan C.

If you need performance parts for your motorcycle, there’s really no better than Adams Performance. Tons of parts in stock, great prices, and good people.
-Mike D.

Coby and his staff are top notch. Best micro -race engines.
-Tattoo J.

The guys who work at Adams Performance are top0notch technicians! Very professional, nice, and accommodating.
-Wanda W.

Great place for all ATV, motorcycle, and go-cart performance upgrades. Great group of people working here. I was a very happy customer and will be returning.

After a last-minute scare of not having all my parts right before a race, I called, and they overnighted a part to me. These guys are hands down, top notch, and the best at what they do!
-Michael B.

For me, I need smooth power for the woods, and they can get into the factory map and fine tune the air/fuel mixture. The guys are friendly, smart, honest, and committed. They shared information and helped me understand how the tune worked along with the dyno. I learned a lot that I didn’t expect. They were willing to share their knowledge with me. Apparently, they help kids getting involved with drag racing. Anything to keep them outside and off the internet! They earned my respect and trust!
-Beau R.

These guys are awesome!! Go above and beyond to help customers. Can’t thank them enough for all the help.
-Donna S.

They’re a lifesaver. Had unexpected tragedy 2 days before Daytona bike week with my shift shaft and inner clutch hub for my Gen2 Zx14r, and they came through for me with parts. Great service.
-Woody H.

They build GREAT 600cc engines for the micro sprints.
-Kevan M.

Best there is. Some talk about their engine; they let the engine speak for itself.
-Jim Y.

Great product! We have Adams Performance swingarm in our bike, and we won EDRS Pro Nordic Mc Super Gas Bike championship.
-Kai L.

We LOVE Annabelle!!!!!!!!! Adams Performance has a great crew!!!
-Yolonda P.

The absolute best! From race bikes/motors or any of your needs, these guys have it all! The knowledge and the skill! Forever will always have my business!
-Tony F.

Great shop, and great people! I drove up from Alabama, and I’d do it again. Top-notch quality and service at Adams Performance!! Thanks
-Curtis H.

Thank you, Coby, for the quality parts and service. Your flat link and dog bones are the bomb!
-Marcus M.

Adams Performance products give me killer 60 foots w stock wheelbase ZX-14 1.50.
-Kenneth S.

Coby and the crew are awesome. They make some of the nicest parts in the industry and build awesome motors.
-Mike B.

Was there this past weekend. What a great shop – very clean and organized. Can’t wait to see our new motor in the car.
-Ron C.