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We can ensure that your Precision Turbo kit is installed with exacting specifications.

Precision Turbo

When you want to add turbo to your racing or sport bike, you can’t buy just any kit to install. In fact, stock kits may be difficult to apply, and you may not get the performance you need to have a successful ride. At Adams Performance, we believe that you should have only the best equipment for your motorcycle, and that includes Precision Turbo when you want to equip your bike for a superior ride.

Precision Turbo is the most-trusted brand on the market today for performance bikes in the racing circuit and for the street. When you work with us at Adams Performance, we can ensure that your Precision Turbo kit is installed with exacting specifications and without the guesswork involved. It’s important to us that you get great results from your bike no matter where you intend to ride. Our turbo equipment and customized motorcycle parts are the only way to ensure you reach your goals.

In addition to Precision Turbo, you may also want to discuss your needs for custom engine parts and whether our signature Adams Performance parts would be a good fit for your machine. Our more than 20 years of experience has helped us create the racing motorcycle parts that are ideal for sport applications, and we can build your bike according to your specific needs.

If you have questions about your current turbo setup or would like to have us install a Precision Turbo kit, give us a call at Adams Performance today. Let us build your best race bike.