Three Simple Electronics that Improve Sport Bike Performance

Three Simple Electronics that Improve Sport Bike Performance
Adding electronics to any sport bike is quickly becoming a trend. Not only do the right electronics give you more information about your bike while in action, but they can also provide convenience when you are ready to gear up for race day. At Adams Performance, we recommend a few simple electronic additions that can have a significant impact on your sport bike performance:

  • Ignition Switch – There’s some nostalgia about kick-starting your bike – but when it comes to race day, doesn’t it make more sense to just hit the button and crank it up? This simple addition is a huge time-saver as you check out your other system components for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Shift Kits – Touch a button and get a fast gear shift that won’t leave you dragging in the wind. If your manual gear changes are costing you time or your nerves leave you with missed gears, electronic shift kits can be a great solution for improved performance.
  • Sensors – Finally, there are all types of sensors that can be applied to your bike for race day. Two important ones that you’ll want to incorporate are fuel sensors and tire sensors. These small electronics can give you up-to-the-minute details about how your bike is performing on the track.

At Adams Performance, we can help you select the electronics that make sense for your racing applications, as well as recommend the performance parts that will give you a leading edge on race day. Contact us today to learn more about our electronics and other custom motorcycle parts.